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Q: How do I get to Salcombe Field of Light?

The Salcombe Field of light will be live from 5th October 2024. The Postcode is TQ8 8BU. The nearest train station is Totnes in Devon with bus services to Salcombe. By car, please follow the Postcode on your Sat Nav or signs for Salcombe. There will be AA route signs for you to follow as well. On street parking and car parks are limited in the town but at busy times there will be a Park & Ride service available. Please follow the Salcombe Field of Light signage.

Q: Does my donation to sponsor a stem pay for the Field of Light?

No. The FoL has been donated completely free of charge to the RNLI by the Artist, Bruce Munro. Your donation goes to the RNLI to continue Saving Lives at Sea and to our mission To Save Every One. 

Q: When is Field of Light open?

The art installation will be on from 4pm until 10pm each evening from 5th October 2024 to 10th January 2025.

Q: Do I need a ticket to visit Salcombe Field of Light?

No, the Field of light is free to visit in Salcombe but we hope to raise funds for the RNLI so we would love you to get involved and sponsor a light stem.

Q: Do I walk through Salcombe Field of Light?

No, the only viewing spots are on Salcombe town estuary front where the Field of Light is visible on the opposite shore of the estuary. The site for the art installation has been carefully chosen to be visible, free of charge and the best views are from Salcombe. There is no parking or public access on the art installation site.

Q: Are dogs allowed?

Yes, well behaved dogs on a lead are welcome in most shops, pubs and cafe’s in Salcombe. We are a very dog friendly town. There are also some great dogs walks close to the town and on local beaches.

Q: Will the installation effect the ecology of the area?

As part of our planning application, a detailed independent ecology survey was carried out by Dr Steve Holloway. The full survey results are available on the SHDC planning portal. The conclusion of this assessment was that the proposed art installation would have a negligible, non-significant impact on the local ecology. Therefore, no mitigation measures are necessary.

Q: What is the effect of the lights on the surrounding area?

Working with BMS (Bruce Munro Studios), local councils and the RNLI project team we researched and tested the light emissions of the Salcombe Field of Light. Each sphere emits 0.4 lux as measured by our technicians (1 lux is equal to 1 candle). Less than 1 lux is similar to moonlight on a clear night (Wikipedia). The level of 0.4 lux would remain similar or lower across the whole installation area. Our conclusion is that the art installation will glow like a bright night sky. The lights will be switched off at 10pm each evening. 

Q: What is the power usage of the Salcombe Field of Light?

The power usage of the Field of Light is very low and we hope to use a green energy provider if possible. The overall power usage of all 20,000 stems is only 1.3kw. This is less than the power of a domestic electric kettle.

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How to get to Salcombe Field of Light?

Postcode: TQ8 8BU

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Parking: Car parking is very limited in the centre of town but park and ride is available at busy times. A donation to the RNLI for the shuttle bus would be very welcome. All profits will go to the RNLI.

Please check this website for latest travel and parking news before you arrive in Salcombe.


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We need volunteers to help us build the Field of Light. If you have any time to spare, please click the link below to find out more. Any help would be very much appreciated.